Two Nuts in a Shell

Twin sisters from Raleigh NC running a local Summer business. Delicious natural spreads conveniently packaged for portable carry to satisfy cravings on-the- go.

With every jar, we donate a percentage to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

Our Story

Summer Business for a Cause

We absolutely love nut butters and spreads of all kinds. The average jar of peanut butter from the store is great and all, but we wanted some variety. Why not start with snack-able-sized nut spreads that taste like dessert? We whipped up our first batch of creamy, satiating, low-carb spreads and decided we just HAD to share the deliciousness with our neighbors. Our first though was to make it for a cause, so for our late grandmother and surviving aunt and cousin, we decided to donate to the National Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Every month is Breast Cancer Awareness month. To further spread awareness along with our business, this site opens up the possibility for neighbors all over the country to enjoy their own taste. We hope you enjoy.